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Reviewed by Stephanie Boyd - Armchair Interviews

"Uly Grant is working as a fishing guide in Florida while he recovers from surviving a car bomb in Iraq. He runs a little side business diverting illegal Al-Qaeda funds into accounts that help other people. When Kat Bennett hires him to take her fishing he is a little wary, as she doesn’t seem the fishing type, but money is money.

Suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a drug drop gone wrong, chased by terrorists, and on the run with Kat Bennett from the law and the bad guys. And since no one believes they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, everyone is shooting at them. So much for some down time for Uly to recover from his experiences in Iraq; he is right back in a war zone in his own backyard!

I liked the character of Uly right away, he is tough but honest and a down-to-earth good guy, unless you mess with him or his friends. Kat is up to her ears in this mess from the beginning– but is it accidental or is she one of the bad guys herself? With all the adrenalin and near-death experiences, Uly and Kat also find themselves needing any comfort they can find in each other, so there is a little romance going on too.

When it seems like everyone is out to kill you, even the good guys, what can you do but fight back! This story is one battle or incidence after another and very intense until Uly and Kat finally figure out who is really behind this rampage, and why. There is very little downtime and it is non-stop threats and violence.

I enjoyed Uly and his attempts to right the wrongs of the world, even if he himself is skirting the edge. Uly is the kind of human (not superhuman) hero you can believe in. The very end surprised me because I didn’t see it coming, but after some thought I liked it!

Armchair Interviews says: If you want nonstop action and a believable but all too human hero, you will like this book!"

Military Writers Society of America

Reviewed by Lee Boyland

 It began in Iraq. Members of a Florida National Guard unit are clearing a road of IEDs. Ordered back to camp, their Humvees are ambushed. Later, back in the world, members of the unit find their lives entwined by current events.

 The author spins a complex tail with multiple twists and turns. A wounded veteran's struggle to return to the world, air dropped "square flounders," an attempted drug rip off, some snakes, several mad Cubans with ties to al Qaida, and a greyhound named Flash. Oh yes, a few good looking women, too. Add a few 120mm rockets, a Saudi fanatic, a couple of bad cops, and two computer experts for flavor. Cook slowly for a  long week, and you have Gulf Winds...

 A good read.


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