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One Stick and a Waco Characters

In Order of Appearance

Second Lieutenant Alex Pfister, HQ, 101st Airborne G2 interrogator, seconded to the OSS and assigned to the MELANIE mission for MARKET GARDEN;

Captain Bristol, armor officer, and Sergeant Perkins, radio operator, British members of Pfister’s Jedburgh team;

RAF Sergeant Alfred "Freddy" Williams, Flight Engineer;

USAAF Captain Cedric (Ced) Carrington, P-51 pilot, 99th Fighter Squadron "Redtails;"

Flight Nurse Lieutenant Martha Ann "Annie" Berry, 813th Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron;

USAAF Tech Sgt Larry Stiles, B-17 tail gunner, 773rd Bomob Squadron;

Herman Schuett, German Gestapo agent;

Sergeant Luke Dawson, Section Chief, 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion;

Max the German Shepard, works with Dawson and Nicki, Max’s buddy;

Private Warren Novak, Heavy Equipment Operator, 326th Airborne Engineers;

Corporal Rudy Livingston, Squad Leader, 1/501st Parachute Infantry Regiment;

Corporal "Lars" Larsen, Squad Leader, 1/501st Parachute Infantry Regiment;

Sergeant William "Will" Meade, Platoon Sergeant, 1/501st Parachute Infantry Regiment;

Private Charles Surry, 3/506th Parachute Infanty Regiment

Private Kevin Kepler, 3/506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

PFC Marion "Sparks" Mahan, 501st PIR Pathfinder team Eureaka operator;

Lieutenant Wilber Allen, Waco Glider Pilot, 434th Troop Carrier Unit;

Private Jake Rankin, Artilleryman, 377nd Parachute Infantry Regiment;

Maarten Mathus, Dutch Resistance fighter;

Stefan Mathus, brother to Maarten,Dutch resistance fighter;

François Smit, Dutch resistance fighter;

Berta Skovajsa, Jewish prisoner, originally from Prague, Czechoslovakia;

Jaclyn and Kara Jacobs, Dutch Jewish girls held prisoner by the Germans.;

Major Joe Landry, OSS Chief of MELANIE mission;

Master Sergeant Curry, OSS Operations Sergeant;

Second Lieutenant Chuck Lopez, 101st DivArty FO and L-4 pilot;

Tech Sergeant Ralph Thomas, 397th Quartermaster Truck Company Driver

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