Qui Nhon
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Qui Nhon 2

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We made several LST moves up and down the coast.

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The LST deck made a great place to relax - in a crowd.

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Bowen on the left. Think the big antennas are the long range tropo systems.

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This could be Qui Nhon - any help? See below.

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The First Cav brought the Chinooks in with them into Ahn Khe

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This is the valley going up from Quin Nhon to Ahn Khe.

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Artillery fire into the mountains on the south side of the from the Task Force Hanson in the valley.

I originally thought the harbor was Nha Trang, but Douglas Preston was  in Vietnam from 66 to 71, mostly in Nha Trang, and is certain this is not Nha Trang. Douglas was involved in operation Summerall in the central highlands in 1967. Spent 89 days with 1st Cav and 101st. Also spent a year in Phu Thai outside Quin Nhon.

More on Location from Jason Laycock: "Just wanted to let you know that the photo's on your site of the support ships at anchor and approaching the shore looking on the white steeple of the church are definitely from Qui Nhon. I was there this January 2006 for New Year/Tet to spend time with my family there and I recognize the landmarks in your photo's. I'm a Brit married to a Vietnamese lady who left after '75. It was only her 4th time back and my first there to meet her family, so I really got the tour and all the sights in your photos really stand out to me, even overlaying the modern setting."

I think we shipped from Cam Rhon Bay, our first base camp across the bay from the pier at the old SF C-team camp at Dong Bha Thin, to Qui Nhon for our first move, then from the beach at Phan Thiet to Tuy Hoa (the beach area that was later used for Tuy Hoa South airbase) for a second LST move.

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