Phan Rang
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Phan Rang AF


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Col Metaxis in the back of a Caribou


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And now at nine thousand - and a little chilly.

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Comm Center

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A fishing village, south of Phan Rang - I think - at least somewhere on the China Sea.

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Bowen manning a radio relay setup at the salt flats south of Phan Rang while one of the night shit guys sacks out in a typical VN hooch - poncho over sleeping bag on folding cot.

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The infamous CMMI finally caught up to us and we had to dig out our log books and PM schedules, all the things that somehow we thought we were going to escape.

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Mess tent blown down during a rain squall

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Go to Phan Rang - AF for comments  about the Air Force build up and shots of 101st Abn troopers on the AF side. 

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