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Unmarked Maps of Iraq and Syria

Click each map for a large, VERY detailed image - note file sizes.
Click HERE for a University of Texas link to other downloadable maps produced by the CIA.

North Iraq.jpg (1440932 bytes)Northern three/quarters of Iraq - unmarked
File size approx. 1.7MB



irbil detail.jpg (500005 bytes)Detailed aero map of the Irbil area - click to enlarge. (As noted by Col. T. E. Lawrence - even among the various tribes of Arabia, names of places and people are often spelled differently, especially when rendered into English. Irbil is as often found on maps and in references as Arbil.) The airfield occupied by a night-time airborne operation by elements of the 173rd Airborne Brigade supported by Special Ops teams on the ground may be the same strip found on the chart at BASHUA, to the northeast of IRBIL, where Nash Devon met the Canadian Peacekeepers' CC-130 and received the "Grain Moisture Analyzer," a disguised SATCOM transceiver, in the fictional plot of Desert Winds. File size approx. 490KB.


baghdad south.jpg (1740618 bytes)

Southern three/quarters of Iraq - unmarked
File size approx. 1.7MB


syria_map.jpeg (943292 bytes)

Syria - unmarked 
File size approx. 0.9MB


Go to the separate Iraq and Syria marked map pages to see the details of Nash Devon's travels in Desert Winds.

Caution - too close of an examination of the marked maps may give away more of the plot than you want to know before you have reached the end.

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