I bestowed upon Nash Devon the honor of being descended from the Lumbee Native Americans of Robeson County, NC, and a mixture of English ancestors generally identified as Scots-Irish. Many of the Robeson County residents today describe themselves just this way.

In Desert Winds Devon's Grandmother is described as being Lumbee and the source of his Native American traits. How much (a percentage) is unstated, since a member of the Lumbee Nation of her generation (born soon after the beginning of the Twentieth Century) would not likely be "full-blooded" Indian. Especially if the "Lost Colony" legend is true and the Lumbees have British blood from Sir Walter Raleigh's colonists in their veins.

This already sounds like a great basis for a novel built around tracing an Lumbee descendant's (like Devon) DNA back to a known descendent of one the the English colonists. Any suggestions?

Scotch-Irish or Scots-Irish? Richard Allen Taylor, the famous poet and author of Something to Read in the Airplane and Punching Through the Egg of Space, told me the story of the Scotsman who indignantly informed him that the Scotch was a whisky, and that 'he was a Scot, by God.'

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