I have used a fictionalized element of the very real Canadian peacekeeping force assigned to the Golan Heights UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in Desert Winds, inspired by the Web images and accounts of the Canadian Forces found at their web site. Please note that there is absolutely no factual resemblance of any of the characters in the novel to any real person or situation. The Peacekeepers are such a highly regarded and integral institution in the Middle East that it was almost required for authenticity to have a place for them in the story.

I also benefited from the email comments and suggestions from members of the Peacekeeping force stationed in the Golan Heights. They will always have my deepest appreciation for their help in my research, but even more so for their efforts to maintain the fragile peace in the area.

I would suspect that the "real" Peacekeepers get a laugh from reading about their fictional counterparts. I hope they don't laugh too hard, and that the descriptions of the area and the engagement is close to what the truth could be.

 Elements of the  Japanese Defense Force also have been hard at work in the Golan heights since 1995.

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