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Click to view full-size JPEG photoThe F-15E over Iraq as a part of Operation Northern Watch. (USAF photos)

The F-15E is a two seat, two engine dual role fighter capable of speeds up to MACH 2.5. The F-15E performs day and night all weather air-to-air and air-to-ground missions including strategic strike, interdiction, OCA and DCA. Although primarily a deep interdiction platform, the F-15E can also perform Close Air Support (CAS) and Escort missions.

F-15Es were flown in Operation Northern Watch before the kick-off of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Strike Eagles are equipped with LANTIRN, enhancing night Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) delivery capability. The F-15E outboard and inboard wing stations and the centerline can be load with various armament. The outboard wing hardpoints are unable to carry heavy loads and are assign for Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) pods. The other hardpoints can be employed for various loads but with the use of multiple ejection racks (MERs). Each MER can hold six Mk-82 bombs or "Snakeye" retarded bombs, or six Mk 20 "Rockeye" dispensers, four CBU-52B, CBU- 58B, or CBU-71B dispensers, a single Mk-84 (907 kg) bomb F- 15E can carry also "smart" weapons, CBU-10 laser quided bomb based on the Mk 84 bomb, CBU-12, CBU-15, or another, laser, electro-optical, or infra-red guided bomb (including AGM-G5 "Maverick" air-to-ground) missiles.



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